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You can get married to a sexy Russian woman this year. Read the tips of a professional matchmaker and psychologist working in the field of Russian online dating for 9 years on how to search for your Russian girl, how to choose, to communicate for the best result, how to visit and marry your Russian bride.
It can be soon you find and marry a Russian girl of model appearance!


Features of the Russian Women Center

Matchmaking services

We can help you to check a Russian girl's identity, arrange meetings if you are coming to St.Petersburg, help you with advice on your photos and your ways of getting in touch and assist you in the issue of finding a woman according to your criteria.

Online Translator

Don't you know Russian while the Russian girls you like do not know any other foreign language? That is no problem, because for that matter you can use our online translator. You can write your messages in English and your Russian bride can do it in Russian. You will easily translate your correspondence into the suitable language with a help of our online translator. The main point is to avoid grammar mistakes since the words misspelt cannot be translated.

Activity search

The search principle that we use here differs from those the most dating sites use. We do not sort our users according to their date of registration, since then the girls who have registered recently get more letters from men than those who have been at the site for a month or even longer. We sort our clients, both men and women, according to their activity at the site. Our search system first of all shows you the clients who are online at the moment, then those who have been at the site several hours ago, then those who visited the site the previous day or earlier and so on and so forth. This principle helps our clients to see those Russian girls and men who are active in their search for a partner. Also you should not forget about the fact that there are a lot of girls who do not visit the site because they just wait for notifications about new letters in their mailbox. After a couple of months they can even delete their profiles since they have not received any messages from the men. However, if you write to them in time they will gladly send you a reply.
Men have slightly different search priority than the women. First there are those who are gold members in the course of their last visit at the site, then there are those silver, then there are standard clients.

Photo competition

Add your pictures (and preferably the best ones!) to the photo competition. The girls who like them will not only rate them high but also write their messages to you. Moreover, you will get a notification about the girls who estimated your photo at maximum points.

If you have an extremely beautiful photo, it will be at the first pages of our Russian dating sites and a lot of girls will get interested in you.

Girls' recent Top-100

Girls' Top-100 for the previous month

Men's recent Top-100

Men's Top-100 for the previous month

Banning users

What if you do not like to hold correspondence with a particular girl but she showers on you with her messages? That's no problem also! Every client has an opportunity to ban a user or complain about him or her if there is a need to check his or her identity.

Both men and women have equal rights here. All your complaints are regarded seriously.

Photo albums

You can upload three photos to be shown on your profile page. Other photos you upload will be added to your common photo album by default. You can also create several photo albums naming them as you please ("me on vacation", for example) and upload there different photos.

All photos have to be approved by our manager that is why they show up in your profile after a couple of hours. This rule was passed to preserve you and our girls from offensive photos.


Do you need to inform all the girls you are holding correspondence with that you are going to be left on vacation? You can write a single message about that and save it as a template. The template can be sent to the rest of the girls changing some details if needed. It is fast and easy!

You can also make a template for your first letter, although you should be very careful about it. Some details can be included in the template itself and sent to every girl without any change; however, your first letter should be rather personal to interest Russian girls. It should contain information about why it was her questionnaire that grasped your attention and what in particular you liked about her photos. Standard template letter can be noticed easily and there is a chance the girl would not like to answer a template.

Hide away

If you are going to leave on vacation or have already set some close relations with somebody and do not want other girls to write to you, you can make your profile hidden. It will be displayed only for those to whom you write, while others will never see it! You can always restore your questionnaire if needed. You can do it yourself (you log in, then go to the settings and change your status to "shown") or just ask us to do it for you.

Detailed compatibility report

Our site provides you with not only an express compatibility analysis but also a detailed compatibility report. You can find out what your relations are going to be like, what problems you should expect and how you should solve them. Use our express analysis when you need some help to decide whether it is worth starting communication with a girl you like. Our detailed compatibility report will help you later when you are on the next stage of your relations and want to know how to avoid mistakes.

Delete your profile

Are you afraid that you will have problems with deleting your profile as it has been before with some unprincipled agencies? It is not advantageous for us! We do not sell our clients' emails, neither men's nor women's; you just use our site to hold correspondence with somebody you like. You change all the settings in your profile on your own. You can make it so that you won't get winks, post-cards and ice-breakers if you want to refuse them and get only messages. You can refuse notifications about new messages in your personal mailbox, or, vice versa, demand for a notification.

If you want to delete your profile, it is no problem. You only should log in at the site, go to "settings" and choose the last option. You can do it yourself or ask us to do that.

Russian women? Let the expert help you.

Working on the profile - Create Your Image

1. Determine your requests to your future Russian bride.
Try to understand clearly what you want from your relationship with a Russian woman, your future bride. Set up the priority and choose what is the main criteria of your choice, what you are ready to give in and accept a compromise variant.
2. Think what your ideal woman would expect from you
A girl or a woman has her right, the same as you, to choose. What are you ready to offer her in exchange for what you want to receive?
3. Create a virtual image for yourself
Think of an image of a man who will be the most attractive for the type of girls chosen by you.
4. Display energy and initiative
There are thousands of profiles online - waiting for a girl who answers your certain criteria can take years. The more ladies you honour with your attention, the more you have chances to find the lady of your dream.
5. Do not give up because of failure.
The search for your second half is a serious and goal-oriented work. Internet is not a lottery and not a fairy country, where wishes come true by themselves. Internet is a possibility to enlarge a circle of search to the world level. Many of our clients want to find a Russian bride because they see happiness of their friends who found a wife in Russia. Ask them how serious they were in this.

Working on the profile - Men's Photos

Good Photo as a Way to Success

If the photo fails to attract you, I guess, you will never look at the questionnaire and the girls do all the same. A Russian proverb says "a good dress is a card of invitation". A good photo essentially increases your chances to find the girl you are looking for.

Your photo should speak for you

Looking at the picture of yours women also feel your attitude to them. An emotional dynamic photo wakes curiosity in women and makes them interested in knowing more about you. Try to avoid shooting angles that lack movement and emotion.

Your photo should be of high quality

Women consider that a man with a dark or blurred photo does not want to have serious relationships with a woman and decide it is better not to waste time on him.

There should be at least a couple of photos

And...smile, please!

A photo of a man with a guileless smile will encourage a girl and help her to get rid of her fears.

About Russian women - Are they real? They look like models!

...Why are the men worldwide so fond of Russian ladies? The reason is that women in Russia really want to be attractive and do their best to achieve this goal. Despite the lack of time and small income Russian women keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly. There are both slim and plump ladies in Russia, but there are hardly any seriously uncared ones. Nowadays uncared Russian women, who pay no attention to their health and female attractiveness, miss their chances not only in the issues of marriage but also fail to find any well-paid and respectable job.

From childhood up Russian ladies learn to respect men and to attract their attention. They read fashionable women?s magazines, study psychology of men and spend their last money for stylish foreign dress and make-up, which is extremely expensive in Russia. Russian ladies do not spare themselves to keep fit and healthy. That is the reason why fitness clubs and various medical treatments that promise you sexual appearance are one of the most popular and beneficial business in nowadays Russia....

...Russian girls and women do not regard their sexual attractiveness as something humiliating or jeopardizing their rights. At the same time, that does not mean that they are willing to go to bed with any man. The idea of sexuality involves much more than just sex. Sexuality implies pleasure everyday, inspiration and healthy life-style. Therefore Russian ladies are not afraid of being good-looking since beauty and sexual attractiveness are something really natural.

About Russian women - Big City Dolls

..Moscow and St.Petersburg are places of high international activity. Thousands of tourists, businessmen, scientists and artists regularly visit them. Girls there have a lot of opportunities to meet foreigners in real life besides the means of on-line dating services. Those of the girls who are interested in meeting a foreigner look for a position in companies that have international partnership, such as travel and tour guide agencies. Moreover, they can meet a foreigner in some other place in their native town. It can be either international exhibitions and seminars or some bar or disco. Country girls almost do not have such an opportunity since foreigners rarely visit somewhere in Russia except the two metropolitans...

..Unlike Russian back-country girls, a lot of whom still regard foreign countries as some exotic paradise and foreign men as fairy-tale almighty conjurers, girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg have an idea of the real life abroad. They do not expect a Western man to be a celestial and quite understand that he is just a man with his earthly feelings, desires, troubles and a purse that is far from being bottomless. They do not seek for meeting a foreigner as for the only chance to escape Russia. They are just looking for a partner and man whom they may fall in love with...

About Russian women - Russian Women and Children

Despite the fact that Russian women used to work nearly as hard as their husbands, children and all household procedures were completely on their hands. That is why the children from their birth up were much closer to their mother and after the divorce it was less harmful for them to part with their father than with her. Mothers in Russia as well have been always really tied up with their children.

Lots and lots of Russian women carry and bring their children up all alone. It hardly ever happens so that the mother leaves her child. Such a woman would be disregarded by the society. Nobody would agree to deal with her, neither men, nor women, nor employers.

A Western man who dates a Russian woman sometimes fails to understand why she refuses to leave her child in Russia in the father's care. But it should be accepted that innate maternal drive and Russian mentality would never let the woman leave her child behind.

About Russian women - Happy Family is The Most Successful Career for Russian Girls

The most important thing for Russian women has always been their family, children and husband, that is why they preferred to take the job that would not require them too much time and effort and would not divert them form their household duties. A career was rather a men's prerogative and would always associate with men, although Soviet ideology pretended that men and women are equal in their rights.

In the years of perestroika Russians began to adopt Western life style and a lot of Russian women went into business. However, the reason for that was not for their ambitions or native inclinations. Many men were no more able to keep their family, thus Russian women had to find the way out.

In the course of time the situation relatively improved, but Russian men, who have already accustomed to the idea that the women are able to win their bread at their own discretion, no more feel themselves responsible for family wages. They are absolutely indisposed to burden themselves with children and other family issues. For that reason nowadays Russian girls and women look for foreign husbands. Still, the things that are important for them are their family, children and no one but their husband.

How to choose your Russian bride - From Photo - The Girl's Character?

Person's nature can be clearly seen in his or her gesticulation and posture, movements or the way he or she dresses.
"Round" women are indifferent to luxury but appreciate comfort. They are able to make house warm and cozy and cook something delicious for family meal. They make good mothers and easily manage with children.Their main advantage is their ability to love and respect their husband accepting his leadership without any doubts.
"Triangular" women prefer those who are successful and strong. You should take on your best clothes and smoke cigarettes of a famous brand to attract such a woman.

"Square" women are remarkable for their absolute orderliness. "Square" women make good wives being calm, reliable and tidy. They keep house well and know how to operate with money.
"Wavy" women will make you a brilliant company in public. A "wavy" woman hardly manages with family life. She has no interest in everyday issues. She requires constant attention, admiration and new experiences.

How to choose your Russian bride - How to Measure Compatibility

Still, the main reason for disappointments is to be found in ourselves. Trying to find the dream of our life, at times we dismiss desirable for satisfactory. The less concrete and trustworthy information we have about the person, the more our imagination is capable of creating an especially attractive image. Having seen a photo produced by professionals, and having read the questionnaire and a profile where everyone writes only good things about themselves, a man projects ideal qualities onto the actual woman. Having discovered the discrepancy between the two images at a private meeting, a man (or a woman) feels deceived.
The only real decision is to undertake psychological testing for everyone concerned.
The Personality Interpreter, used on our site, was developed some time ago in Russia. Its exclusive development does not have analogues in the world. The test calculates 34 parameters, reflecting the most various human qualities - from business to the intimate ones. It will help you to learn yourself better and will give you full and adequate representation of the people you pay attention to. It will assist you in choosing a woman most suitable for you from an extensive database and will predict your future relationship.

How to choose your Russian bride - Energy Incompatibility

He told that she had understood nothing or had not wanted to understand anything. The problem is that he just did not have anything to talk about, in spite of her good knowledge of English.
But the data on the scale "Energy-Calmness" reflected in the main Chemistry Compatibility report differed drastically. That's why overwhelmed by his energy the girl could not tell any sensible word and seemed uninteresting to him.

Could it be that it was just a misunderstanding and if the man would have been more sensitive and patient and could hold back his energy, everything would have changed? Maybe! But in this case he would have to control himself and do it not only during the first date but for all his life. We are fairly tired of this in the street, in public places and at work! The family is not a field for democracy. People should rest in the family, gather their strength and not to waste it.

How to choose your Russian bride - The Women Who HEAR, SEE, FEEL

...A "Seeing" woman is a responsible person. She is an excellent house wife, there is always a perfect order in her home. She prefers to take a dominating position in her relationship with the man and to supervise his every step. Appearance is the main criterion of her choice, since she loves with her eyes. If you want to attract her, do not appear in her face in disarranged clothes. You should think carefully about the things you wear in her presence.

She is capable of wonderful love and passionate sex, but in relationship with such a woman you will have to show not only the initiative, but your imagination also: create intimate atmosphere and make a romantic performance for her....

...A "feeling" can be hardly expected order and accuracy, however her disorganization is compensated by ability to settle any conflicts. Despite her laziness, she is able to do a lot for you and will make it with enthusiasm. The main thing is not to put it as a dut and ask her in a kind way, tenderly. Such a woman does not aspire for leadership dealing with a man, but as well she won't allow to demand something from her.

...A "Hearing" woman fully consists of paradoxes. She is not eager to gain authority, but uneasiness does not allow her to give someone leadership by default. Money are not of big value for her, but natural flexibility and ability for non-standard creative thinking allows her to earn rather good money....

The first contact with Russian girls - Who Knows Why The Stranger Is Winking?!

Using virtual signs of attention has one more advantage, specifically concerned with international relationships. Girls from Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe sometimes hesitate to be the first to show initiative in making contact, regarding this as a sign of neediness and 'being easy', and according to traditions they await for the men to show initiative.

The 'winks' that create no obligations, 'surprises' and others small virtual signals of attention and affection help to overcome this barrier and display one's sympathy for a stranger.

Don't be shy while exploring the member files to wink first and send small messages to all who arouse your interest. It costs nothing of you, but receivers will be pleased to have your signes of attention. Moreover, you should not be upset if not all of the people will reply to you. After all, through such acts you inundate the site with positive energy which will undoubtedly return to you.

The first contact with Russian girls - Your First Letter

First of all address her by her name. Even if you send the same standard letter to several girls, addressing each one of them by her personal name, it will give them the hope that every one was the only for you. Avoid using words like "dear", "sweet" and other similar flatteries. Save them for the later more intimate letters.

You should write the girl about why you were specifically interested in her. It's no secret to anyone that there are many times fewer men in the marriage agencies' databases, than girls and women. Therefore even an illusion of the fact that from the enormous number of potential candidates you focused your attention precisely on the one particular girl, will elicit a feeling of gratitude and a desire to answer. Recall something that actually interested you in her profile or photograph - just don't write about the breast or the legs.

You can finish your first letter with a few questions. Ask her about something you would be interested to learn. Questions can be quite various, but you should try to ask them in such a way that the girl would be pleased and feel no discomfort to answer them.

The first contact with Russian girls - Love at the First Sight

Primarily erotic feelings emerge at the age of early childhood when sexual experience yet remains unconscious. These flashbacks sometimes may represent the most vivid and unaffected emotions of a particular person since they have not been reversed by adult logic or self-control. These emotions may be concentrated on any particular detail, for example on figure of the object, his or her hair color, the pitch of his or her voice, special perfume or garment. The thing is that the whole situation and sometimes even the owner of the abovementioned details may get lost in the child's memory. Later on this lost feeling may suddenly imbue the person with excitement as soon as one of the particular details once again comes into his or her notice. What happens next is a mere product of imagination and romance.

If that is the case, you may ask me what should be done for a man whose only possibility of communication is to sit in front of his computer and look through the girl's photo. How can he prevent being captured by his so-called hidden fetishism and avoid facing further disappointment? First of all, one should look not only through the photo but also read questionnaires thoroughly, pay attention to compatibility reports and listen to the advisor's recommendations as long as the advisor knows the girls personally. But the main thing is not to be too hasty about making decisions and exchange several messages before taking any steps.

The relationship with Russian women - How long to communicate before making a personal contact

It may happen so that virtual sweet talk would help somebody to relieve his or her solitude, raise self-esteem and feel more confident. But what should be done for those who are looking for real relationships and consider virtual love is not enough?

....Can you imagine what a great disappointment suchlike people face when they come across an endless correspondence and virtual love at the site of a marriage agency? In their opinion, a man who presumes upon virtual sweet talk is automatically assigned to the rank of an adult child who plays computer games and he is no longer regarded as a possible future bridegroom.

Nevertheless, a lot of men who register at the dating sites are really disposed to marriage. That is why they are not so hasty about making their decision. They regard several variants at a time trying to choose the best one and linger with the correspondence without any intention to obtain the position of a virtual bridegroom. However, sometimes they even would not think of the fact that a woman who deserves to be their choice also has a right to choose. She would not wait till the crack of doom and would also regard other variants. Sweet talks would neither oblige her to "keep faith".

If you are really interested in a woman you should not keep correspondence for too long. You'd better proceed to some particular actions; otherwise you are at risk to loose your lady before the time you really gain her.

The relationship with Russian women - How to build the relationship with your Russian bride?

....Let's imagine this notorious situation from the point of view of a Russian girl. She dates a man in the Internet. As their relationships develop, the letters become more and more emotional and sincere.

... Finally, he comes to Russia to see her after a year of correspondence. They spend several romantic days or even nights together. She thinks that everything is going to be fine and expects to get married soon. However, having returned home, her expected husband takes his seat in front of the computer to keep on the correspondence at least for another year.

What is she to expect and to do in such a situation? She loses herself in conjectures. Is it she who somehow dissatisfied his wants or it is just because he does not want to make family at all? Should she reckon upon him or it is better to start her search for a husband once again?

A woman who was good enough to attract you may be as well appreciated by some other man. She knows that full well and also has a right to choose. She may continue waiting for your decision for a couple of months, but then she will start to look for another ways of settling down her own family life. Thus, if you really want to be with her, you should not linger with your relationships. Being a woman, she expects you to act like a man. But if your meeting has shown that she is not the one you would like to bind your life with, you should screw up your courage and honestly tell her about this. Let her go! Do not make her spend time waiting for you in vain!

The relationship with Russian women - The Better is the Enemy of the Good

Men's eyes grow tired of the sight of thousands of beautiful and interesting girls when surveying the galleries of dating sites. How does one select precisely the "one and only"? It is possible to rely upon one's own tastes and intuition; the results of psychological tests; on the recommendation of a Personal Advisor, but to make a selection is nevertheless quite complicated. For this reason many particularly demanding men can remain in doubt for many years.

As soon as a man begins to correspond regularly with a woman and even arranges a meeting with her, his eyes catch a photograph of another girl, who seems to him even more attractive, and everything begins anew. As a rule, men like that stay single for a long time, their spare time occupied with infinite searches.

There are more women on the dating sites than men, and therefore these men consider there is an infinite possibility to search. In fact, there is no shortage of numerous contenders for interesting girls, and they are not inclined to loose time on unfounded expectations. As a result, a men who delays personal contact has no advantage in the eyes of such a girl....

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